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It's hard to believe, but this weekend we celebrate the one-year birthday of Sid's Grids! 🎉 I never imagined this site would be anything more than a home for puzzles that were rejected elsewhere, but clearly it has evolved into something quite different (with its own meme lore, to boot). For that, I have to thank you — good vibes are plentiful in the puzzling community, especially during these trying times.

Speaking of something different, today's offering is a variety puzzle which throws in-the-language phrases out the window and welcomes all sorts of wacky entries into the grid. I constructed this puzzle a few months ago after solving an incredible eight-block Something Different by Max Carpenter (puzzle #31 here). I've since sent this puzzle around to a few friends — you may have seen it streamsolved by Chris Adams or the Fill Me In guys — and I was very hesitant to publish it here, since some of the entries are so out there. But hey — birthdays deserve something special, right?

If you like Somethings Different, I recommend this excellent puzzle by Paolo Pasco, and this archive of older grids hosted by Dan Feyer.

Enjoy your E-CAKE!

- Sid

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