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  • Sid Sivakumar

Puzzle #11: "Wait For It"

Downloads: pdf, puz*, solution

*Note for digital solvers: Today's puzzle has elements that can't be accurately represented in either the puz file or the web solver below. I'll suggest that you print out the pdf file and solve that way instead; but if you really miss Mr. Happy Pencil, [spoiler; decode with ROT13] RAGRE GUR YRGGRE K VAGB RNPU FDHNER GUNG VF VAGRAQRQ GB OR YRSG OYNAX.

I'll let this 21×11 speak for itself, though I will comment that I was envious of 55-D (think of the time saved!) until I read about this [warning: not very appetizing]. Yeah, that doesn't sound so great.


- Sid


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