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  • Sid Sivakumar

Puzzle #31: Themeless (with Brooke Husic)

Downloads: pdf, puz, solution

I was a little pressed for time this morning, but really wanted to seed a themeless with 1-A (for obvious reasons spoiler alert). The grid came together quickly, and Brooke swooped in to write fantastic clues in record time.

Also, I promise to post the solutions to the OOPS meta this weekend. Appreciate your patience — enjoy today's puzzle!

- Sid


From Brooke (@xandraladee, @brookehus):

It is the highest privilege to clue one of Sid's masterful themeless grids. Thanks to Mikkel for help with 15-A, and to Colin & Robbie for workshopping 21-D. Interested solvers are directed to this tweet for context on 26-D.


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