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  • Sid Sivakumar

Puzzle #46: Themeless

Downloads: pdf, puz, solution

Before I say anything about today's puzzle: if you're reading this in the United States, please take a few minutes now to do the following three things. One, confirm you are registered to vote in next month's elections. Two, make sure you are prepared to vote — do you know your polling place location and timings, or the logistics for submitting a mail-in/absentee ballot? And three, urge everyone you know to do these three things. You know that massive group chat you're in that's steadily gathering dust despite the one person who keeps sending horribly compressed TikTok videos? Yeah — it's time to bite the awkward bullet and send that message.

Go on. We can both wait for the puzzle. Seriously.

I constructed this themeless grid in May, which explains the seemingly-eons-ago reference at 1-A. I rarely laugh out loud at my own puzzles, but 41-A has cracked me up more than once. And big ups to our friend Brooke Husic, the "most thoughtful cluer in the game," for her insightful feedback on so many clues here.

A few assorted updates from the Puzzleverse:

  • Brooke started her own puzzle blog — o frabjous day! The first themeless she's posted is characteristically superb and a testament to her clue-writing prowess. Give it a spin.

  • Wunderkind Ada Nicolle launched a new weekly crossword subscription service, and it's a can't-miss for just under $20 USD per year. I've said it before and I will again: Ada's fill is among the freshest in all of Crossworld.

  • The Boswords 2020 Fall Themeless League launched this week with a beautiful grid by Tracy Gray. I've got one of the puzzles this season, but you'll have to play each week to see when it shows up!

  • We've got several guest puzzles coming up on Sid's Grids as I wrangle stuff at work. Our wonderful guest constructors aren't so much relief pitching as they are throwing no-hitters with these killer grids — I think you'll really enjoy them.


- Sid


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