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  • Sid Sivakumar

Puzzle #47: "Right Now" (by Chris Piuma)

Downloads: pdf, puz, solution

I love boundary-pushing puzzles — especially ones that subvert the traditional rules of crosswords — but it's rare to see a puzzle whose innovation relies on the ability to publish it in a certain way. If I say any more I'll ruin the solve, so give this a shot now! (For a hint to understanding the puzzle's theme, take a peek at the solution.)

You can find more crosswords by Chris on his website, including some brilliant genre-bending ones; and you can solve puzzles with him every day on his very entertaining Twitch streams, which feature one adorable cat and super catchy theme music.

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- Sid

From Chris (@wordgarbler):

I’m excited to be sharing this puzzle on Sid’s site! I wanted to give him something a bit special and different — the bar is very high here! — and I hope this puzzle fits. (It went through so many revisions, several before and several after I sent it to Sid. Oh wait, that makes it sound like he was an editorial meanie ... Quite the opposite! Fantastic editor, generous and sensitive and thoughtful, would work with again. But I bet you suspected that.) Also, if you don’t know about 60-A, after you finish the puzzle, I encourage you to read this article (but, obviously, it contains spoilers!). OK, I’ve delayed you for too long! Enjoy the puzzle!


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