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  • Sid Sivakumar

Puzzle #48: "Stacks on Stacks" (by Rebecca Goldstein)

Downloads: pdf, puz, solution

Excited to feature the world debut of Rebecca Goldstein today! Rebecca and I started chatting this summer about the value of featuring world cuisine in puzzles, and when she suggested this theme concept I jumped at the chance to run it. The vast majority of crossword themes nowadays involve puns, wordplay, or grid gimmicks, but there is something so charming about a theme like today's: simple, elegant, and delicious.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Halloween,

- Sid

From Rebecca:

I’m thrilled to be making my Crossworld debut on the inimitable Sid's Grids! I’m a queer scientist who loves espresso and prestige television. Though I currently live in the Bay Area, I’m a New Yorker at heart. I started constructing about 5 months ago when my wife insisted I find a hobby during <waves hands> all this. This puzzle is an homage to my favorite meal and the undeniable reality that people and cultures are more similar than they are different. Since the theme ate up a lot of real estate, I tried to elevate the fill with fun clues, 43-A and 42-D being my favorites. A big thank you to Sid for his thoughtful, collaborative approach to editing and for running this puzzle on his site! If you’re looking for a test solver or collaborator, you can find me @Rebecculous on Twitter. If you haven’t already, please get a flu shot, wear a mask, and drop off your ballot or vote in person.


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