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  • Sid Sivakumar

Variety Puzzle: Pangram Midi #1

Something different for you today: a variety puzzle! Usually, crossword pangrams are constructor-serving pursuits — I've never managed to craft one without making significant tradeoffs in fill quality. But in today's puzzle, the pangram is part and parcel of the solve (especially the hard version, which has no "helper" letters filled in).

Since this is a new puzzle format, I'm not sure how the difficulty is tuned — the hard version might be too hard and the easy version too easy. Or they might be just right! I recommend that you try the hard version first, and if it's unpalatably difficult, then move to the easy version. In any case, I'd love to hear your thoughts ( or @sid_sivakumar on Twitter).

No .puz file or web app available today due to technical limitations. We'll have to rely on good old pen and paper.

Enjoy, and stay safe out there!

- Sid

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