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  • Sid Sivakumar

Variety Puzzle: Pangram Midi #3 (by Nate Cardin)

I'm thrilled to run a pangram midi by the great Nate Cardin (@naytnaytnayt). Nate edits the Queer Qrosswords packs, which deserve your time and attention more than any newspaper offering right now (not just because they benefit LGBTQ+ charities — but also because they are brilliant puzzles, plain and simple).

Nate's voice in puzzledom is treasured, whether it be in his commentaries at Crossword Fiend, or in the ultra-fresh minis he peppers into the Crossworld from time to time. Likewise, today's puzzle is quintessentially Cardinian. Enjoy it!

- Sid

From Nate:

I had the chance yesterday to tackle Sid’s first two pangram midis and was so inspired by them that I had to take a stab at making my own. Thanks to Sid for the inspiration and for hosting this puzzle. I hope you enjoy!


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